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We are very pleased to announce that my next book “Superfoods And How To Use Them” is now available for pre-order and will be released on the 27th November – Pre-order now and get free postage

book cover -UPDATE small 

Divine Desserts is here… Get your  Signed Copy Now

This book contains 33 mouth watering divine desserts that are all gluten free, vegan, and refined sugar free. Order your signed copy click here

Transformative Health Online Course has begun and is going amazingly – If you missed this but would still like to be part of it you can – each week is recorded so you can have access to the recording – this costs just £200 for more information message me

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Juliette’s Talk Promo Video


Juliette talks to Lara (The Abundance Activator) about nutrition lara interview j

Juliette’s new promo video for her Raw Food Masterclassrawfoodmasterclass promo

Here is an interview of Juliette chatting with The House Whisperer.  ck interview

Part of Juliette’s Demo at The Natural Way in Braintree superfood smoothie

Juliette’s Ebook- The Divine Detox Plan Special Offer of £5  btn_buynow_LG

divine detox plan ebook cover Our bodies work best when we give ourselves the nutrients we need and detoxify from some of the damaging aspects of modern life.   If we are nutrient deficient and filled with toxins our bodies are working on overtime, leading to reduced energy levels, poor skin, hormonal fluctuations and a lack of vitality. In The Divine Detox Plan I lay out a simple 7-day detox that is easy to follow and will bring great results, such as:

  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Achieving Optimal Weight
  • Better Physical Health
  • Mental Alertness
  • Increased Nutrients in the Body


Native America Uses of Plants in Yosemite 

A Day in La

Wild in Sierra Nevada

WIld Herbs in Big Sur

Healthy Fast Food in Philly

Juliette’s Kitchen in New York


Natural Fertiliser

Soil and Compost

Immune Boosting Oil

Raised Beds,

No Dig Growing,

Fresh Herb Tea

14 thoughts on “Latest News

  1. Jackie Lewis

    Hi Juliette, would you up date your records, my new email address is I want to order your ebook but can’t on this old email address which will soon be closed. Also, are you back in the UK & have you any workshops coming up especially working with cacao. Happy new year, & don’t forget to reply to my new email address. love Jackie

    • hi there. you can order the ebook with any email address just click the buy it now button and will take you to a paypal page. Any problems let me know. I have updated my mailing list but to follow on here you will need to unfollow with old address and follow with new one.. i can’t control that bit i am afraid. We will be back in the uk mid april but then off in may to new york running workshops.. I have a week long retreat in june in glastonbury a detox one which will be amazing and will keep you posted on any raw cacao ones.
      much love x

  2. Bernice loving

    Hi Juliette
    I ordered a book fro
    You weeks ago now. But still havnt received it! What shal I do?
    Thankyou Bernice

  3. Ingrid Evers

    Hi Juliette, I met you yesterday in The Netherlands and googled you this morning. Congrats on your website and the detox-Ebook, which I ordered forthwith. All the best for you and the family during your stay in New York and California.
    Greetings, Ingrid.

  4. Debra sheridan

    Hi juliette I ordered a book from you and I haven’t received it . Im going to Katie’s wedsday so could you bring it there

  5. Amara

    Hi Julliette. Congratulations on your new book; Divine desserts. Please could we have a sneak preview of a couple of the recipes as I’m not sure I will have most of the ingredients required. It may be out of my league! Thank you!!!

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