we spend our lives always striving for the next goal, “when i get this.. then i will be happy” but with each step we take we do not achieve the desired happiness.

we spend our lives looking around us for the next fix.. when really the only place to find it is within.

as women, especially as mothers we spend so much time looking after others, fullfilling the needs of our children and along with it a feeling that we are some how less important as we are not remunerated for it.Recognition is the thing that also seems to come up. women are very often behind the scenes supporting the children and partner but not very often getting the recognition for all the work they do to allow the others to fulfill there potential.

As human beings we all want to feel important. we want to feel like there is a purpose to our existence. that we were put here to do something… well i do anyway.. so where do we get that from if we have chosen the role of being at home with the children.

i think a big part of finding that fulfillment is through meditation. by finding that still point, that centre of connnection within ourselves we do not look externally so much for that which is within.

within us all is a deep connection to the divine, to the source of all life, who can and does recognize us for all of our worth and sees our divine potential. It is in that space of connection that we can then see clearly. we can see through all the illusion of the ego. The desperate need to feel worthy when we already are.

It is through union with ourselves that we can ultimately feel fulfilled. But it is an ongoing thing.. meditation needs to become moment to moment. finding the joy and connection in every second of our existence. then everything we do is for a higher purpose. we are then guided consciously through our lives.

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