Journey Through Motherhood- Constant Contact, well nearly

All parenting is trial and error. We all do what we can and what we think is best and this can vary from person to person and also from child to child. What worked for one doesn’t mean it will work for another.
I have always felt it important to have as much contact with my child when they are young as possible, from co sleeping to carrying in a sling. I have not been dogmatic about it as I am aware of the negative impact that being myopic can lead to but i have done my best. The thought is the more contact the better as this will help the child to feel safe a s secure and thus allow it greater confidence to face the world having had a mother/fathers love all the time. There has been research to show that when babies are left to cry it teaches them that there voice isn’t important, so they learn not to voice there needs but to internalize them. Whether this is true or not it makes senses on some levels to me.
But recently I have noticed a shift, in both myself and my baby. He is now over 6 months and I feel old enough to begin to learn to sleep alone.. When I say alone I mean in a be next to ours, he currently sleeps on either myself or my husband at night.
So tonight I have begun a gentle transition off of me into his bed. I am not leaving him to cry but soothing him and waiting till he is asleep then leaving the room. As soon as he wakes i come back and sooth him afain and so it goes on.. It’s an amazing process if not rather tiring. But slowly and gently we will get there..
At the end of the day they are little for such a short space of time and I am willing to do all I can to make his start as soft and loving as i can

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