Juliette’s Kitchen- baby Food

My baby is now just over 6 months old and i have until 2 weeks ago been breastfeeding exclusively. I have read many different books on the subject of feeding your baby but feel that ultimately its your intuition that has to guide you on this journey. Every child is so different and their needs differ. SO there can be no one prescribed method, only guides to work within. My first child i did things in a very different manner to my second.

This time around i waited alot longer before introducing food and i have been alot slower about the process.

I think with my first i was so excited about introducing new foods to him i spread the process along. However this time i am giving my boy more time to get used to each new food. I dont want his digestive system to be rushed. I feel that breast milk should still be the primary food and that i will go at his pace with new foods.

I began his food journey with avocado as this can be eaten raw and is very easily digested and one of the healthiest foods for us all. Then quite by chance he chose his next food of bananna 3 days later when i was holding one for my older boy and my little one lent forward and munched down on it.

I then began following books and introduced raw apple with breast milk but this proved too much for him. He liked it but it was just a step too far. so i stopped and went back to avocado.

After a week and a half i got some organic brown rice and blended it for 2 mins until it was a powder and i then mixed this with breastmilk and water and gave him that. The first time he ate it he wasnt a big fan of it but now he is eating that with banana at dinner time.. well 4:30 ish..

so now he is on two meals a day 11am and 4:30pm.

I would like to keep his diet as raw as possible but am not stead fast on this and as with everything will slowly go with my intuition on the matter, guided by him.

Its an exciting journey embarking on food and one that should be savored. I will keep you posted of the updates as they occur.

One thing i am being careful of is to make sure i get enough nutrients as i will pass them onto him so the better i eat the more he gets. Its important at 6 months to up the iron intake of a baby as its at this point that there natural supply dwindles so by me eating lots of dark greens and brown rice i will be giving him enough so i dont need to worry..

I have also read that it is safe to give babies spirulina in small quantities to help with nutrient levels.. will keep you posted on how that goes as and when….

A few weeks on..
We have increased on the food front but very slowly. We have been making our own baby rice equivalent using quinoa and brown rice flakes. These work very well. The quinoa is a complete protein and easily digested and the brown rice provides iron. We have been using coconut water to mix and 1/4 tsp spirulina as this is high in protein and minerals. Today I added half a pear to it.. I add all the things then blend it with a hand blender.

The other recipes we have tried are
Avocado and banana mush
Apple and quinoa flakes
Avocado and spirulina
And melon mushed

We are aiming to eat mainly raw foods but not entirely

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