The Flow

Yesterday I trapped a nerve in the base of my spine and also my shoulder from having my 3 month old sleep on me every night, which is a joy. I was in pain and upset. During the night I was awake most of the time in pain so had time to think and meditate an reflect. I started asking why this had happened and what my lesson was. The answer I was getting was about being grounded but deeper than just me grounded into the earth so that all the nurturing I am giving out can be replenished by the earth.
Today I had feelings coming up which have been bothering me recently to do with my worth, on a business front. Working with my husband is great but being on maternity leave means I get to do the things to help him but don’t get any of the glory. That sounds silly but raising children is a rather thankless task. A wonderful one though.
This brought me onto thinking about my spiritual path and developing myself more spiritually. I find with my spiritual journey I have some amazing break throughs and then back to the mundane and as I sat thinking today i wished i could go on another course to deepen my knowledge. This is when it hit me, not on a mental level but in my gut I felt it. I don’t need to go out and do courses. All the knowledge is here within. True spiritual growth comes when we can look at the mundane and see the beauty and the growth in that for it is no different to sitting meditating in front of a beautiful flower.
Then after I told my husband about this feeling I had had I looked at my emails and there was one about a global meditation for releasing fear and connecting to the divine feminine for 40 days. It felt like a gift had been given to me. When we accept where we are only then can we see the divine gifts that are presented every day in all forms


As human beings we all want to feel important. we want to feel like there is a purpose to our existence. that we were put here to do something… well i do anyway.. so where do we get that from if we have chosen the role of being at home with the children.

i think a big part of finding that fulfillment is through meditation. by finding that still point, that centre of connnection within ourselves we do not look externally so much for that which is within.

within us all is a deep connection to the divine, to the source of all life, who can and does recognize us for all of our worth and sees our divine potential. It is in that space of connection that we can then see clearly. we can see through all the illusion of the ego. The desperate need to feel worthy when we already are.

It is through union with ourselves that we can ultimately feel fulfilled. But it is an ongoing thing.. meditation needs to become moment to moment. finding the joy and connection in every second of our existence. then everything we do is for a higher purpose. we are then guided consciously through our lives.

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