Harvesting in Spring

Now that life is spring up all around us it’s a great time to start harvesting. So often in the past it would get to the end of summer and I would want to make something only to realise that I should have collected certain flowers in spring and would have to wait a whole year to make it.
What I am going to do here is create a diary of my foraging and harvesting as a guide for you. Please do add anything I miss out as we all have different knowledge which when put together makes a whole. When collecting try to get from sources not too near a field that is sprayed and also not right on a path where dogs may have peed.
At the moment I am collecting
Nettles- the young leaves are the best so it’s a perfect time before they flower. These are high in iron and protein and a great spring cleanser. This is a native superfood to be enjoyed all year round.
Dandelions- best to collect these late morning when they are nice and dry and fully open. These flowers are and leaves can be eaten. High in potassium and other minerals. Dandelion is good to cleanse the kidney, good anti bacterial, anti inflammatory
Ground Ivy- collect leaves and flowers
This plant is rich in vit c. Good as an exporant and to treat bronchitis

One way you can instantly preserve the goodness of these things is to make a tincture. We will be doing this tomorrow on juliettes kitchen with them.
Or you can dry them.
To dry:
You can lay these out either in the sun or near a radiator or in an airing cupboard. Keep them separated so they dry better. They should dry in 12-24 hours. Store in air tight containers. I use old jam jars in a dark cupboard.

We will be filming some of these uses on juliettes kitchen so keep checking back for links

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