My food journey

Having a baby always highlights nutrition for me. I remember when my oldest boy was born I had such a desire/need to understand food and what we actually needed to be healthy. I looked around and saw so much junk being consumed and the sickness because of it and wanted a better start for my son. I began to train as a nutritionist at this point mainly so I could raise him (Samuel) with the best start. It was at this point I really began to turn my diet round.
Now second time round and nearly 7 years on I know alot more than I did before.. But again I feel it’s time for me to refresh my knowledge and more than anything re examine choices and beliefs around food.
I firmly believe that food is our medicine, but that it should be a really enjoyable medicine.
Quite often I get strange looks when I talk about foods that we eat but I feel alot of that boils down to lack of knowledge. We live in a world where we have moved away from the old ways, we have substituted the magic of the land for the chemicals of the labs.

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