My birth story

This was the birth of my second first was very easy and very quick so we planned a home birth. Then 2 weeks before the due date at 1.50am my waters broke. My husband build a fire and got everything set up, the midwife came round and we all began the process of labour. It was all progressing well and we felt it was moving into transition when my older boy appeared and decided he wanted to watch. This made me hold back a bit and then a new midwife arrived as everyone thought the birth was immanent. It was at this point everything came to a grinding halt. I was so upset i had been through 6 hours of labour and really thought i would be meeting my new arrival soon. The midwives left telling us that if active labour had not established by 1.50am we would be in hospital being induced. We proceeded to look up everything we could to get labour going again. I was exhausted and upset so at 8pm we decided for an early night. We had asked friends to send healing to help the process along so we felt supported. I woke up at 2.10am with contractions coming regularly. I couldn’t believe it, we were only 20 mins outside of the time. So I called the hospital to beg but to no avail. So I packed the bag and woke my husband up. He was so upset as he doesn’t like hospitals. We arrived at 4am on the midwife lead unit of the Rosie hospital and were shown into a room. For about half an hour my husband looked grumpy as he tried to adjust from put beautiful living room so lovingly set up to a sterile room. He came around though. We were told we had till 8am to get things moving faster or we would be induced. This was the furthest thing from what we wanted as our plan was to be completely natural. At 8am the midwives changed over and in came our saviour. A beautiful midwife calls Villa walked in and said I am going to deliver your baby. You have to work with me but i will do everything i can to give you the birth you wanted or as close as possible. We all smiled at each other and it felt like god had given us an angel to guide us through this journey. Villa managed to fend off the journey up to the delivery unit and induction until midday. At this point i was having full blown contractions every minute that were so painful but we were using sound and breath to get through it. When you make the sound UH it helps to connect you into the earth and allows you to release the pain with the sound and breath. My husband giles was so good at helping me do this and encouraging me. At midday Villa had to examined me and we were all sure it was imminent and to my horror I was still only 3 cms dilated. I felt gutted. I couldn’t understand what was happening and why my body wasn’t shifting even with all the pain and contractions. At this point Villa turned to us and said i am sorry but we have to go up to the delivery unit but i am going to be mean and march you up the stairs. On the flight of stairs up I had 4 contractions but we got to the room and they began strapping things on me. I was getting scared. Villa turned to my husband and told him to put the music back on. Then she said to me pull yourself together, start your breathing again, you can do this. You need to calm down or this isn’t going to go the way you want it. I listened. Then the doctor began talking about induction and the pain and what pain relief I wanted. My husband was explaining that i had just got some gas and air and we would leave it at that. She began saying how much more painful it would get and advising me to have more but my husband held fast and said not yet. Then I felt the urge to push. I was scared as I knew I was only 3 cm dilated but it was such a strong urge. So the midwives said to go with it and sure enough three pushes later and a head was there and then a beautiful boy was being placed on me to feed. We had done it and Villa had delivered it as she said she would and with only a few puffs of gas and air. We were so grateful to her for all her help and the other beautiful midwifes there who helped us. It wasn’t how we had planned but as I write this my beautiful 6 month old baby is asleep on my chest and nothing could be more perfect.

One thought on “My birth story

  1. Jennifer

    A lovely story. Sometimes, things don’t work out how we would expect them to, but all the same, they wind up showing us angels in our life we never would have met without the experience. Each birth story is exciting, terrifying and frankly, do they ever go as planned? Happy Mother’s Day to you, and congratulations to a WONDERFUL and AMAZING mother of two incredible young men. They are so lucky to have such a caring, compassionate, and involved mother.

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