7 months old – the food journey continues

So Eliah is 7 months old today and still loving breast the best but he is getting into his food. At this time breast milk definatly feels like it should still be his main food source but with foods coming in to support that and to help his slow and steady exploration.
I am in no rush and some says he does want to eat a meal and that’s fine. He tried papaya the other day and really enjoyed that.however I am aware of the food miles and trying to keep things mainly local where possible. We are growing loads of things here so I am excited when they are ready.
Food wise we are about to expand the repertoire now and introduce a few new things. I want to bring in lettuce and courgettes in the next couple of weeks. One thing I am finding is that most of the books out there are based old ways of doing things and not on the growing superfood diets. You may say well surely that’s because the old ways are the best. Well with our nutrient deficient soil we are all in need of a higher nutritional diet. So when it comes to things like hemp seeds and reishi mushrooms I wonder when the time is to introduce them.
We are going to try deshelled organic hemp seeds today. These are such a superfood packed with omega 3 and 6 and so much more so I figure if he is old enough to eat meat, and no he isn’t going to then surely he is old enough for hemp seeds blended up
Well we did
1/2 tbs de shelled hemp seeds
1/2 organic pear skinned
4 tbs filtered water

Blended and he loved it.. So did I.. It tastes great. And I have to say tonight is the longest he has slept at bedtime so far.. Fingers crossed..

Feeding a baby is a really big journey of discovery about our views on food and how we want to live. I know this time round it’s really got me thinking about the local aspect as so many of the great baby foods like avocado cant grow here.. We have been really busy planting fruits and veg as by far the best nutrients in food come when they are freshly picked and haven’t travelled for days before reaching us..
Anyway more recipes to come

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