Dis ease- mastitis

When we don’t feel well it’s a chance to look at our lives, loves, diet, house and emotions. All dis ease comes from somewhere and it’s the bodies way of giving us a heads up that something is not in line.
Since having a baby i have become aware that my body is being drained and have been working on filling it with the good stuff. So what is that good stuff.. Well yoga, meditation, breathing, raw delights and a balanced diet with loads of great superfoods like spirulina, nettles, plankton, raw cacao, coconut oil and many more. However last week I got a cough and this week mastitis. So it’s all about the chest area. Something I am not getting off my chest. Louise Hay says about coughs…. It’s a desire to bark at the world.
She says mastitis is a refusal to nuture oneself. The affirmation is “I take in and give out nourishement in perfect balance.
One thing i have noticed is that by having my baby sleep on me at night, which is where he is happiest, I am unable to breath deeply while I sleep, and as we eliminate over 70% of our waste thru our breath maybe this is the problem or part of it.
Yesterday I made a new batch of immunity boost and Rose hip syrup as I felt i needed some more help. Rose hips were last years that I had frozen

2 thoughts on “Dis ease- mastitis

  1. Jennifer

    Had a mastitis with Esme. It was awful. Hope you feel better, and don’t forget to nurture the nurturer. As mothers we feel it is necessary to be selfless and give so much, and forget that the mothers, too, need care. Feel better, and take care. x

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