Divine feminine

As I grow I am feeling the need more and more to explore and connect with the divine feminine both on a personal level and a collective. All around us there is a growing movement of reconnection with ourselves, with the rituals of the female and the honouring of ourselves and our earth. What more feminine do we have than the earth herself, the mother of all life. The female has always been my issue shall we say, I grew up with the most beautiful, strong female role model. I idealised my mother. She was like a god to me. Her intelligence, beauty, grace and intuition guided me. Then she was struck down with such a debilitating illness that took it all out of her and took her from me. This was part of my movement away from women. I felt abandoned by them. I then played this drama out repeated through my life of getting close to women then them leaving. What I didn’t realise probably till this last week was that female connection had to start with me, with connecting and trusting the divine female that I am. By standing up and looking at myself and believing in my power, my sexuality, my goddess..what do those words really mean. Trusting myself, listening when my intuition speaks, believing In my abilities to heal and love, knowing I am beautiful as all women are, allowing myself to be soft, letting a man be strong for me sometimes, letting go of my need to control, So at this time of Lammas and the full moon I honour my sacred feminine, and I honour the journey I am on.

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