Sample menu for a 10 month old baby

I have to say over the last week I feel slightly bamboozled as I thought I had the food thing figured then all of a sudden my son turns my boat over by not letting me feed him. I remember with my older boy just when you thought you had it under control they go and change the playing field. Well that’s where we are again. But I must say I have been suprising myself with my new recipe inventions in order to get the nutrients in.
So what have i done
Breakfast- millet,quinoa and spelt pancakes served with an apple purée-

Mid morning Smoothie- celery, apple, pear, avocado, flax, hemp and apricot

Lunch- homemade veggie burgers fresh tomatoes, carrot sticks dried aricots

Late afternoon snack- homemade flapjacks made with banana, apple and dried apricots

Dinner- tofu scramble, brown rice and an assortment of raw veggies
Flapjack for dessert

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