Asthma Tea

A friend of ours came over yesterday to work with my husband on the final mix of his new album. When he arrived he was struggling to breath.. Every august and september he has trouble with his breathing… so being me i jumped into gear with getting him feeling better….

We started with a teaspoon of Garlic Honey- see earlier recipe on here…

Then i made him a tea…

2 sprigs of rosemary

2 tbs elderberries (which we had just picked the night before.)

a handful of thyme

4-5 mint leaves


leave this to simmer lightly on the stove for 10 mins then strain and serve..

I currently have a batch sat on the stove lightly simmering for when he needs it.. What was amazing was that within 10 minutes of having this the heavy wheezing stopped… The same thing happened later that day when another friend popped by with the same complaint.. So give it a go. Even if you arent wheezing this is a great immune boosting drink that tastes lovely.. It will also help your memory as rosemary and thyme are very good for that…

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