Water Kefir- Sugar Free recipe

So Water kefir- i have now made 4 batches of this amazing stuff.. so i want to share with you my recipe…. Everywhere i looked the recipes for this included sugar.. well i dont have any sugar so i decided to experiment with Coconut Nectar and it worked a treat..

SO what is Water Kefir you make ask.. well its a grain that is alive and when mixed with sweet stuff makes a bubbly, probiotic drink.
SO what do you do

I got some live grains from ebay. They arrived and i began to play

3 tbs of live grains

3 tbs of coconut nectar ( or sugar)

1 litre of water

so that is the basic recipe and then you can add as you like a few suggestions

1 handful of goji berries

1 tbs grated ginger

Leave to ferment for a few days ( till it fizzes)

then strain it and rinse the grains and start all over again.

This really is soo easy and as you go the grains get bigger

18 thoughts on “Water Kefir- Sugar Free recipe

  1. Lucy Carslake`

    Thanks for my gift of kefir grains! My first batch is a success, delicious. I used a few dates to flavour and it has a lovely sweet taste. Let the experimenting begin! Thank you so much for introducing me to them, it was very easy to do xx

  2. lynny smith

    iv made some but its very vinegary and other half has given up on drinking it now.also the origanal grains i ordered from ebay a=have not grown at all should i throw them away and start again,im loath to do this as they are alive.have you ever managed to make a water keffir yogurt.x

    • Hi there, no don’t throw away try a new batch. Does have a slight vinegary taste. Try adding more sweetener… And some dates. The kefir feeds on sugar basically.. Should be slightly fizzy.. It takes a few goes before they really grow.. X

      • lynny smith

        i wont throw them away as iv got quite fond of them.iv made 2 more lots and they have,nt grown but its tasting better so ill keep going.thank you so much for all your help.xx

  3. lynny smith

    sorry to bother you again but iv made severall batches now and got used to the taste and iv got over being scared ill poison myself but they still wont grow.they have,nt got smaller either but def are,nt any bigger.my house is very cold tho,could it be that.

    • mel

      try adding a little eggshell or some molasses (or both). the grains need minerals to grow as well as sugar. also, check that they are white and elastic, if not, they may just be the grain equivalent of infertile 😦

  4. Quick question Juliette: I just tried my first batch of water kefir with coconut sugar (don’t do white sugars of any sort); however, the water is an amber brown color. Does it always remain that way? And, after few days of fermenting (2 I think), I removed the grains and then capped it at room temp for a fizz to develop. It did develop a bit of a fizz, but there was a film that was in the liquid. Is this still ok to drink? Thanks very much for your help!

    • hi there..yes the water is meant to be am amber colour. when you cap it you need to put it in the fridge to keep. it should be fine with a film on the top just use a spoon to scrape the film off the top. it only develops a small fizz.. hope you enjoy.. it is a really good thing to be having. i have noticed such a big difference in my life when having kefir or kombucha.. x

    • The sugar in the kefir is eaten up by the grains so u don’t get the sugar at all. You can use coconut sugar which is a good substitute as has a gi index of 35. The grains need to have sugar as this is what they feed on but as I said you don’t get it

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