Honesty – hormones, superwoman and lack of sleep

Part of the problem I today’s society is a lack of honesty with ourselves and each other. I noticed this in me today when I felt exhausted and sad and felt I had to hide it and pretend I was ok. I am ok ultimately but in that moment I wasn’t but felt a need to put on a front, a mask.
Our society views upset and a weakness and non of us want to look weak. However surely being honest and open and just being you shows far more strength than pretence.
At times in life we all need help and support whether from friends, family or God ( I use this in the non religious way)
I recently have been finding the balance of life very hard and whether it’s my cycle kicking back in or just sheer exhaustion who knows but I feel sad and depressed some days and I realised that’s ok. I dont need to be superwoman everyday. Its ok to take the odd day off from that role without it making me a failure.
Sometime I wonder where the need to be a super woman comes from, and if we all feel that need. I think we do. We are meant to have the perfect clean house, oops fail on that one.. The perfect children, well they are in my eyes, the brilliant career… Well am working at that one, it’s not brilliant but it’s helping people and I enjoy it so that’s all that matter. Great social life- humm I wish but the moment I do have are fab. And lastly a good relationship – most of the time that one is true

So I guess I’m not doing bad but there are days when u just want to hide your head.. So I have decided to do just that. It’s bed for me now with the baby and will wake up refreshed

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