A mothers time

It’s my birthday this weekend and I have had such a major craving for me time. Don’t get me wrong I love my children and I love work.. But just recently I have really wanted time off.. Time away from everything, time to dedicate to myself and my spiritual practise.. Oh and also time to go have a really good dance and drink pink bubbly stuff..
I think for me my birthday has always represented indulgence into myself and with children and a husband and work there seems in general to be very little time for any indulgence of any sort, bar raw chocolate. I always have time for that indulgence.
As I write this I am feeling slightly princess like and wondering if I should just delete but I won’t.
There is nothing wrong with wanting me time and it’s something that women don’t take enough of I think. We are always busy taking care of the world we forget to take care of the most imports t person… Ourselves.
So even though I won’t be going away on a meditation retreat or dancing the night away (well I might attempt that at home ) I am going to take the attitude of indulgence and just for a few days over my birthday I will not rush about. So what if I am late, happiness and love are more important

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