Immunity honey

My husband has been away for the last nine days on a music tour of the ancient perpetual choir sites.We were lucky enough To join him for part of it in Glastonbury but both boys got sick with coughs and colds. Today I was thinking of making some medicinal honey up when my husband got back baring gifts. He had bought me a jar of raw honey and my god this stuff is good. So I have made a garlic, ginger and chilli raw honey.. Why ruin perfectly good honey you say…. Well honey itself is anti everything. It works wonders on our immune system but combine forces with garlic, powerful blood cleanser, ginger anti inflammatory and chilli that dilates the blood allowing the absobtiom of all these things
And u have one powerful cocktail for health.
So what do we need and do

3 cloves organic garlic chopped
1 thumb size of chopped ginger
1 chilli chopped

Add these to a clean jar and cover with honey. Put the lid on and leave for 3-5 days then strain put bits and take spoonful as needed.
Note the longer you leave in the stronger it gets but don’t leave too long as you don’t want things to go bad


3 thoughts on “Immunity honey

  1. Jenn

    I am going to have to try this when my mama sends me some more of her honey! Quentin has an awful cough right now. How long will this recipe keep for?

    • This keeps for ages as honey has a preservative nature. Really good for kids.. Elderberries are great for coughs too as is thyme and rosemary. Make a tea with them in will help loosen and clear it xxxx

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