Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

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This is a delicious and nutritious superfood smoothie that I made for all of the lovely people at Empowerment Live.

This makes 2 litres and can be kept in the refridgerator and drank over 24 hours. This is filled with essential fatty acids to feed the brain.

2 cups of coconut milk
3 cups of water
2 bananas
1 cup of dates
1/2 cup of deshelled hemp seeds
1/2 cup of ground flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds (linwoods do a mix in Holland and Barrett)
1 cup of raw cacao powder
1 tbs of wheatgrass powder
1tbs of lucuma
1 tsp of maca
1 tsp of red reishi mushroom

If you are using a hand blender, pre-soak the dates for one hour before blending.

Creamy Green Juice

I just made this today as part of my detox and it has really hit the spot. It was creamy and delicious and made me feel so deliciously full and satisfied. Oh and my baby loved it too!

1 orange, juiced
2 cups of kale
1/2 a lettuce
1/2 an inch of ginger
1 apple
1 carrot
1 stalk of celery
1/2 a cup of de-shelled hemp seeds (wonderful omega hit here!)
1/2 a cup of cashews

I used a blender for this and then strained it through, you would need a high powered one. Alternatively, use a juicer first then blend the nuts and seeds into the juice.

Spiced Apple Drink

At the weekend I ran a chocolate workshop and made a drink for everyone that people wanted posted, so here it is;

1 carton of organic apple juice (or 1 litre of fresh apple juice)
1 small red chilli, diced
1/2 an inch of ginger, diced
1 yogi classic tea bag

Put in a pan and add two cups of water. Leave to simmer and drink!

Healthy tips for pregnancy and birth

Healthy tips for pregnancy and birth

I found during pregnancy I was often hungry and needing a pick me up. So instead of eating junk I made some healthy and nutritious raw energy balls. See YouTube juliette’s kitchen raw chocolate balls or website for recipe. These are filled with goodness and delicious.
I couldn’t have lived without my superfood smoothies throughout the pregnancy. I was very ill for the first 12 weeks and lost a stone and a half, so felt I really needed to boost myself after that. I developed a smoothie mix to support myself through the pregnancy with lots of greens such as spirulina, plankton and wheatgrass along with medicinal mushrooms..
For the birth itself I made Raw chocolates filled with superfoods. These worked wonders at keeping my blood sugar level balanced and nutritionally backing up the process.
These recipes are all on you tube videos and also on the website julietteskitchen .tv
Nutrition is so key in pregnancy and breastfeeding. We need to support ourselves through this period as best we can by avoiding heavily processed foods and high sugar content foods. Eating as natural as possible with as much live food as you can.

Detox Day 5 another Juice Day

Detox Day 5

Well done for yesterday.. hot baths during detoxes are wonderful things.. add some rock salt to it to help you cleanse your system..

Start the day with your lemon water

Breakfast Juice – this juice is great for detoxing and as a diuretic

  • 1/2 watermelon
  • 1/2 punnet of strawberries
  • 2 apples
  • 1/2 cup of ground flaxseeds

Mid-morning Juice

  • 4 carrots
  • 2 beetroots (preferably raw)
  • 2 apples

Lunchtime Juice

  • 1 kale
  • 1 large roman lettuce
  • 2 carrorts
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 2 oranges, peeled
  • 1 lemon, peeled

Mid-afternoon Juice

  • 3 carrots
  • 3 stalks celery
  • 1/2 small beet
  • ½ tsp lemon juice
  • ¼ tsp gingerroot chopped fine
  • 1 tbsp honey (optional)

Dinner full of potassium

3 carrots
3 stalks celery
½ bunch spinach
½ bunch parsley

you made it well done…. superstar.

Detox day 4

so this is a just juice day, and tomorrow will be too…. to really get our system cleansed… please drink plenty of water to keep the flushing out happening.

Again start the day with your lemon water

Breakfast – great for the digestive system

  • 1 Mango
  • 1/2 Pineapple
  • juice of 1 lemon

cut the skin of the mango and pineapple and get rid of the stone, then juice or blend. If you blend use a muslin bag to strain out the pulp then drink

Mid Morning Juice – great source of potassium and good for the skin.

  • 2 Peaces
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 punnet of strawberries

Lunchtime Juice – cleansing green juice

  • 6 cups of  spinach
  • 2 cups kale leaves
  • 2 oranges juiced
  • 1 small banana
  • 1 kiwi

Mid-afternoon Juice

If you have not gone to the toilet today then add some flaxseeds to the juice

  • large bunch of spinach
  • 1 kale
  • 3 apples
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 lemon, peeled


  • 1/2 Pineapple
  • 1 lettuce (washed)
  • 3 stalks of celery

If you feel hungry in the night then have a glass of apple or pineapple juice in the fridge to help you through.

Detox Day 3

Begin the day in the usual way with your lemon water and wait 20 mins before eating


1 mango (vit a and c)Juice of 1 orange (vit c),
1/2 inch of ginger
1 banana
1/2 cup of water

pit and skin the mango and cut into slices, peel banana, juice orange then add all the ingredients into a blender and mix till smooth. Drink and enjoy. This drink if filled with vitamins to set you up for the day. ( you can drink this slowly over the course of the morning if you want)

LunchDelicious raw, vegan coleslaw

1 cup of red cabbage, 2 carrots, 1 avocado, juice of 1 lemon, dash of tamari, watercress

place all the food in the food processor and blend till carrot and cabbage grated, season to taste and serve on a bed of watercress

Dinner Dahl -This is great for detoxing as the tumeric and cumin are great detox aids, helping the release of toxins and working with the pancreas.

50g (2oz) red lentils (pre-soaked are best)
1 tsp olive oil
1 leek
1/4 tsp chilli powder
1/4 tsp ground cumin, 1/4 tsp ground coriander
½ tsp turmeric
½ tsp paprika
squeeze of lemon juice
1 small cauliflower (or ½ larger one), cut into medium-sized florets
water or vegetable stock
10g (1/3 oz) cashews
salt & pepper
handful of small mint leaves

Rinse and drain the lentils, checking for any small stones, and put to one side. Heat the oil in a heavy saucepan with a lid and cook the leeks until they begin to brown. Add the chilli, cumin, coriander, turmeric and paprika and stir well. Stir in the lentils, then squeeze in some lemon juice. Add the cauliflower florets, 150ml (1/4 pint) water or vegetable stock and the desiccated coconut.

Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer, covered, for 10 minutes. Check that there is still some liquid left, adding more if necessary, and simmer for another 5 minutes.

Add the cashews, a little salt, and most of the mint (retain some for a garnish). Simmer, uncovered, for 5 minutes until the liquid is absorbed, stirring occasionally to prevent the dhal sticking. When the lentils have formed a really thick sauce, check the seasoning and serve immediately, garnished with a few mint leaves and accompanied by a fresh cucumber salad

The best raw pasta sauce

I have just made the most delicious pasta sauce I have ever made and it took me 1 minute.. Now this is saying something as my grandma is italian and taught me how to make a mighty fine pasta sauce….

1 tin of peeled organic plum tomatoes
1 clove of garlic (this is optional, my husband is a yogi so has no garlic or onions but sometimes I make myself a separate dish as I love garlic and it works well with this one)
5 sundried tomatoes
A small handful of fresh basil or dried
A small handful of fresh coriander or dried
1 tsp vegetable bouillon
Half a cup of water
A cap full of apple cider vinegar

and blend away.. So simple, so quick and utterly delicious

Brain bars

This is a recipe for a raw bar packed with brain food. Theses are great as a snack for adults and children, or for a quick on the go breakfast.

1/2 cup of rolled oats (pre-soaked overnight if possible, to help absorption)
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup of goji berries
1/2 cup dates
1/2 cup of dried apricots
1/2 cup pecans
1/2 cup of ground pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds (there is a great mix that Holland and Barrett sell of pre-ground seeds)

Put everything in the blender and mix. Scoop out and flatten in tin. Score into bars and refrigerate, then eat.


Detox Day 2

Detox Day 2

Start every day of this detox with the lemon water

2 tbs  lemon

2 tbs maple syrup

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp garlic

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

10 oz. water (hot )

try not to eat anything till 20mins after you have drank this to allow your juices to start working.


Green juice as per day one

This can be done in a blender or juicer

Handful of kale (cleansing)
Juice of one lemon (alkalising)
Knob of Ginger (anti inflammatory)
1 apple (aids digestion)
1 carrot (high in vit a)
Half a cucumber (cleansing)

1 tbs ground flaxseeds (high in fibre to assist the clear out )

Mid morning snack– 1 apple

Detox Soup
50g pearl barley
1 litre vegetable stock
6 shiitake mushrooms, chopped
1 leek finely chopped
½in knob ginger, finely chopped
½ red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped,
¼tsp  red chilli
2 sprigs thyme, leaves chopped
2 carrots, finely diced

Place barley in a saucepan and add the stock.

Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes.

Add the remaining ingredients then simmer for 10 minutes.


Chickpea and quinoa 

Cook 200g quinoa until they go see through ( as per instructions)

then add

I tin drained, canned chickpeas,

1  carrot grated,

1tbsp extra-virgin olive oil or hemp oil

1 large handful of chopped parsley leaves.

1 tbs of tahini

Mix together and serve