New beginnings meditations

Meditation for new beginnings

Meditation is a journey from movement to stillness.. From sound to silence.

We begin by creating a space of calm within the body with a mudra for calming
Begin by focusing on the breath. Slow even deep breaths
Bring the tips of your middle fingers together at your solar plexus with your thumb and second finger connected. Hold this position while connecting to the breath. Repeat for 3 minutes feeling the waves of calm rolling over your body.

Happiness Mudra
Inhale wrap fingers over the thumb making a fist- have you hands at your sacral area
Pause and hear the sound of OM resonating through your being
Exhale and unravel fingers releasing fears and any emotions coming up.
Repeat this cycle 7 times then hold your hands at your sacral in the fist for a further three minutes feeling the energy of life filling you.

New beginnings Mudra
Kumbera Mudra

This Mudra focuses the energy on new beginnings
Place your thumb with your second and third finger and place them on your lap. Connect with your breath and repeat the affirmation
I give my best and let the universe do the rest.
As you are saying this see your goals and see yourself giving them your best then like a balloon being released let them go and hand them over to the universe. Repeat this for 5 minutes or more.

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