Healthy tips for pregnancy and birth

Healthy tips for pregnancy and birth

I found during pregnancy I was often hungry and needing a pick me up. So instead of eating junk I made some healthy and nutritious raw energy balls. See YouTube juliette’s kitchen raw chocolate balls or website for recipe. These are filled with goodness and delicious.
I couldn’t have lived without my superfood smoothies throughout the pregnancy. I was very ill for the first 12 weeks and lost a stone and a half, so felt I really needed to boost myself after that. I developed a smoothie mix to support myself through the pregnancy with lots of greens such as spirulina, plankton and wheatgrass along with medicinal mushrooms..
For the birth itself I made Raw chocolates filled with superfoods. These worked wonders at keeping my blood sugar level balanced and nutritionally backing up the process.
These recipes are all on you tube videos and also on the website julietteskitchen .tv
Nutrition is so key in pregnancy and breastfeeding. We need to support ourselves through this period as best we can by avoiding heavily processed foods and high sugar content foods. Eating as natural as possible with as much live food as you can.

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