Moving and food

Two weeks ago now we made a big move. We moved out of our house, scaled down our belongings and moved into a yurt with no running water, electricity or facilities by us.
Wow what a shift. So you are probably thinking why did you do that. Are you mad.
We decided that the way we had been living was not right, spending a fortune on oil and rent and for what. So we thought it was time to change. Time to take a step towards a more sustainable life.
It’s taking me time to get used to it and everything takes so much more time to do. Everything requires thought. I am having to become so much more conscious about all I do, which is a great thing. Right now I am sat at the top of a hill near the yurt looking out over saffron walden, sun shining, fire on heating water to wash clothes as I make dinner on the same fire.
My journey with food is proving a really interesting one. For someone so used to my blenders and dehydrators and good processors to now having a fire to cook on its amazing challenge which I am documenting for all to read.. So I hope you bare with me while I embark on this journey..

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