Sushi with a twist

This is a great recipe to make with children and an amazing way to get them eating vegetables. You can also substitute rice for the cauliflower.

A pack of nori sheets
1 tbs of sesame seed oil (high in magnesium and good for relaxing the airways)
1 cauliflower (high in vitamin C, boosting the immune system)
1 carrot (high in vitamin A, good for skin and eyes)
1/2 a cucumber (replenishes vitamins and minerals and rehydrates the body)
Optional dip of Tamari, a wheat free soy sauce

In a food processor, blend the cauliflower until it looks like couscous, add 2 tbs sesame seed oil and mix in.

Lay out your sheet of Nori seaweed and thinly spread a layer of cauliflower over two thirds of the sheet.

Place your chosen vegetables 1/2 inch in along the length of the seaweed.

Begin to roll your sushi keeping hold of both ends, when you get to the end use a knife with water on to wet the end to help it stick together.

Leave this to the side to dry out and set while you make the others.
When they are all done use a sharp knife to cut your sushi to your desired size and serve.