Oil pulling

Coconut oil pulling;

Recently in India my mouth got really sore, almost like it was about to get some mouth ulcers. I was surprised as I felt healthy and was eating well. I decided to try and rinse my mouth with coconut oil due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral nature. Every morning and evening I would swill coconut oil between my teeth and around my gums for about ten minutes, then spit out the oil and brush my teeth. My mouth started to feel amazing. Not only did my gums calm down but my teeth felt stronger and were so much whiter. I then came across information on an aryuvedic course I was on that oil pulling was so important for the health of your mouth. It felt great to have what I was doing instinctively backed up by a very ancient system of Wellbeing

Oil Pulling can also be done with sesame seed oil.

Caffeine Free Chai Tea

We are in India and all around us people are drinking chai tea – not drinking milk or caffeine. I have come up with an alternative that still has all the medicinal qualities of chai tea.

2 opened pods of Cardamom (improves digestion and metabolism)
1 stick of cinnamon, or 2 tsp cinnamon powder (antibacterial, anti fungal and helps to  reduce blood sugar levels)
6 black pepper corns, ground (improves digestion, lowers cholesterol, boosts immunity,  helps protect the stomach)
1 inch of ginger chopped, or 2 tsp ground (muscle relaxant, anti inflammatory, pain relief )
2 tsp of roobish tea
3 cacao beans (optional)

Place all of the ingredients into water and simmer slowly for 20 minutes, strain and drink.
This can be served with a milk of your choice or black.