Dairy free raw milk chocolate recipe

Great recipe for making Easter eggs… Why not cut out the rubbish and treat your family to some divine chocolate love this eastsr

Juliette's Kitchen

This weekend I have a raw chocolate workshop so this evening I have been in the kitchen creating tasty treats for it. So I thought I would share this raw chocolate recipe. It’s a delicious creamy dairy free milk chocolate. This will make approx 30 small chocolates

125g raw cacao butter
40g coconut nectar
20g ground cashew nuts
15g coconut oil (butter)
45g raw cacao powder
4g vanilla powder
30g lucuma

On a double boiler – a boil that is sat on top of some water ( not touching the water) genty melt the cacao butter, never letting the water boil.
Once the butter is melted add in the coconut butter and stir till that melts. Take bowl off of stove and mix in the rest of the ingredients.
Then pour into your silicone moulds and place in the fridge to set for approx 30mins. When they are firm…

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