Healing Balm

Part of looking after yourself is looking into what you put on your own and your families skin. The skin is the most absorbent organ in the body so we have to look at what goes into it.

This balm is excellent for cuts and grazes, burns, sore skin, dry lips or just to calm and soothe you. The great thing is that you can go for a walk and collect most of the ingredients for this.

2 cups of olive oil or almond oil
1/2 cups of coconut oil (anti viral, anti bacterial)
1 tbs of dried calendula flowers (soothing for the skin and a natural antiseptic)
1 tbs of yarrow leaves (helps to heal wounds- was used by the Roman soldiers)
1 tbs of plantain leaves (ribwort or greater plantain), this again helps wounds to heal
1 tbs of chamomile flowers and 10 drops of chamomile oil (antiseptic and calming)
1 tbs of lavender flowers and 20 drops of lavender oil (anti bacterial and calming)
1 tbs of lemon balm leaves (antiseptic)
10 drops of tea tree oil
1/2 cup of beeswax or cacao butter

Place the oil  and the plants either on a windowsill for three week or on the stove at a low temperature and allow to simmer for 20-30 minutes, never letting it boil.

When done strain the plant matter from the oil.

You now have the mixture that you want in the saucepan to add the beeswax or the cacao butter to. Melt very slowly. When done add in your drops of lavender, chamomile and tea tree oil. Then pour into your containers, place lid on and leave to cool… and your done!

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