Hormone smoothie

As a woman, I noticed that after my second child my PMS started to get worse. I started to feel a real rage every month, about 3 days before my period would arrive. At first I didn’t put two and two together and just thought that I was going mad, then I started to notice the pattern. This was the first step.
I began to look at why this would be happening when my diet is very healthy.
PMS is a sign of mineral deficiency in the body, so this was the first step I felt in tackling this rage to replenish my body after childbirth and extended breastfeeding.
The second thing I found out was that we are all having a diet with bad estrogens – so xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens (not all phytoestrogens are bad though, just some)
By having a large amount of these bad estrogens in our body we block the production of progesterone and testosterone.
So our first steps are to cleanse and remineralize.

Here is a recipe for just that, more recipes are to come on this subject.

Raw Cacao Hormone Balancer;
2 tbs of raw cacao powder (uplifting and full of magnesium)
1 banana (potassium and slow release energy)
2 tbs of shelled hemp seeds (full of essential days)
1 raw beetroot (removes bad estrogens)
2 tbs of coconut sugar, raw honey or maple syrup (low Gi ways to sweeten)
1 tsp of greens (I recommend marine phyto plankton, Chlorella and blue green algae but use whatever you have access to)
1 tsp maca powder (gives energy and balances hormones)
1 tsp of reishi mushroom powder (immune boosting, remover of bad estrogen (optional))
2 cups of water

Place in a blender and blend until smooth, then drink.
This drink is nicest served chilled so why not add some ice cubes when blending?

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