Medicinal Mushrooms of the UK

I love mushrooms, they are one of my favourite things.
This weekend I went on a magical mushroom walk in Colchester with an organisation called Wild Light (you can find them on Facebook at Wild Light UK).
The walk was collecting, identifying and then eating a feast of wild mushrooms, and what a feast it was!
I was thrilled as there were people there that I could quiz about the medicinal mushrooms , such an incredible group of foods.

So I am going to talk to you about a couple of the ones we saw growing there;

Maitake – hen of the woods.
This mushroom is amazing! It helps cell growth, protects the liver, helps to lower blood pressure and aids detoxification, especially when it comes to carcinogenic cells.
Wow, what an amazing mushroom and it grows in the woodland of the uk so you can forage it for free at this time of year

Turkey Tails- this is a bracket mushroom which grows in the UK.
It is a highly researched mushroom and has numerous studies as to its anti-cancer properties, as well as its anti malaria properties.
A great document on the specific research done on it can be found here;

Reishi Mushroom.
This is another bracket mushroom. In fact, I found out that all the bracket mushrooms that grow in this country have medicinal properties and are safe to consume.
Reishi is know as the king of immortality and has been used for thousand of years in Chinese medicine. It’s is an adaptogen, which means that it helps your body to deal with stress.

There are so many more and I will keep adding to this for you to learn more about this incredible kingdom of fungi.

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