Why is Soy Bad?

Many people have always thought of soy as healthy – the Japanese have eaten it for a long time and has been hailed a super-food. The thing that many have missed out is that they only eat it when fermented. If you are eating a meat free diet (which I do recommend), don’t turn to soy as a replacement for meat. This is not a good thing to do. There are many other alternatives to soy on the market that we don’t need to have soy milk or soy anything.

Why is this?

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Water – Plump Grape or Shrivelled Raisin

I wanted to share with you all something that has really helped me on my quest for hydration.

This is something that we all know is important for so many reasons. I was giving the example the other day in a workshop that hydration was the difference between being a grape – full and juicy with no wrinkles, and being a raisin – all shrivelled and dry. I know what I would rather be.

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