Water – Plump Grape or Shrivelled Raisin

I wanted to share with you all something that has really helped me on my quest for hydration.

This is something that we all know is important for so many reasons. I was giving the example the other day in a workshop that hydration was the difference between being a grape – full and juicy with no wrinkles, and being a raisin – all shrivelled and dry. I know what I would rather be.

This is only one of the reasons to drink water. We are made up of over 70% water and over the course of a normal day we lose 1.5 litres. So in order to function properly we need to be putting a minimum of that back in the body. Makes senses doesn’t it? So why do we find it so hard to do this?

Part of the reason is the quality of water that is around. Our body doesn’t want to drink tap water that is filled with chemicals, drugs and hormones. In fact, many of the chemicals in tap water are harmful to the bacterial balance in our gut, such as chlorine and fluoride. If you have good, clean water – be it from a local spring or from a good filter – the body is much keener to actually drink it. Not only that, but the water will also hydrate you even more.

Something that has been working wonders for me recently has been to change when I drink my water. I used to go through most of the day drinking herbal teas and smoothies, but not really water so much, and come the evening I would be feeling it. I would be feeling tired, concentration was harder, my back would ache and I would generally feel grumpy. This was my body crying out for water. I would listen and drink a couple of glasses at this point; however it was kind of like me fighting a fire instead of preventing the fire.

So what do I do now, and is it making a difference? You bet. Every morning I wake up and, after brushing teeth and oil pulling, I drink 2 pints of water which has been filtered and magnetised. And my body is so happy for it. But more than just hydrating myself at the start of the day, what it also does is aid the cleansing that has gone on in my body naturally overnight. It helps the body to get rid of all that waste that has built up. It helps the bowels to clear nicely and it also means that I end up drinking water throughout the day.So my advice to you is; hydrate yourself in the morning with clean water and let me know how it affects your day. I bet you that you will feel better, and look younger too. A hydrated body after all is like that plump smooth grape, not a shrivelled raisin.

2 thoughts on “Water – Plump Grape or Shrivelled Raisin

  1. Yes I believe I would drink more water if I knew it were better quality. I just filter tap water at the moment but I know that is far from ideal. So I’m guessing a device that magnetises water is better?
    Thank you

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