Why is Soy Bad?

Many people have always thought of soy as healthy – the Japanese have eaten it for a long time and has been hailed a super-food. The thing that many have missed out is that they only eat it when fermented. If you are eating a meat free diet (which I do recommend), don’t turn to soy as a replacement for meat. This is not a good thing to do. There are many other alternatives to soy on the market that we don’t need to have soy milk or soy anything.

Why is this?

Soy is high in Phytic acid – this is something that nuts, seeds and beans have in differing levels to help them to be stored in nature. We can reduce or remove this by soaking/ sprouting and fermenting. Phytic acid acts as an anti-nutrient, meaning it blocks the absorption of other nutrients (especially magnesium and zinc) into the body and also puts a strain on the digestive system

Soy is high in phytoestrogens – some phytoestrogens are easily absorbed and passed through the body whereas soy’s high levels can artificially raise the bodies “bad oestrogen” in both men and women creating an imbalance in our hormonal system. This is not a good thing and can create mood swings, hormonal issues, infertility and other negative things relating to high oestrogen levels.

Soy is a endocrine disruptor meaning it can throw the thyroid out of balance, leading to energy level disruption and metabolism problems.

Soy is high in lecithin’s that can prevent the gut wall from healing.

When you ferment soy most of these issues disappear, however they don’t through cooking – so tamari (a wheat free soy sauce) is fine. Tempeh fermented soy beans are fine. Miso soup paste and fermented soy beans are fine to eat too.

Make sure if you are eating any fermented soy that they are organic as much of the soy on the market is genetically modified which has its own host of problems.


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