Supertonic Hot Chocolate

If you want to have a super powdered hot chocolate to really supercharge your day, this is the one. It is filled with immune regulating herbs, cancer fighting mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs to help your body deal with stress.

In a pan slowly simmer (never letting boil) a mixture of superherbs.

My favourite to use for the hot chocolate is (makes 1.5 litres);
1 tbs of my Supertonice Tea Mix (chaga, pau d’arco and vanilla) 
1 litre of water

Leave this to simmer for 20 mins or longer, then strain liquid required for hot chocolate (you can add more water to the tea mix and simmer up some more – you know it is finished when the colour won’t change anymore).

Add into the hot liquid;
1 tsp longevity coffee and
0.5g shilajit.

Place all of the above to one side while using a high speed blender for the following;

1 tin coconut cream
2 tbs of hemp seeds (shelled)
2 tbs of cacao powder
1/4 cup of maple syrup or coconut sugar to taste

Firstly blend the coconut, hemp and cacao then strain and add it to the hot liquid
Blend and serve.


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