Healthy Muffins 

Dry ingredients:
1 cup of buckwheat 

1 cup of brown bread flour (gluten free doves)

1 cup of coconut sugar 

1/2 tsp bicarbonate

Wet ingredients:

2 bananas

1 1/2 cup plant milk

1/2 vanilla pod

1/3 cup melted coconut oil (save till end) 


Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. 

Place wet ingredients into a blender and blend till smooth then mix into the dry mix, when mixed together add in 1/3 cup melted coconut oil. 

Add in chocolate chips, blueberries or whatever fruit you want at this point. 

Pour into cake mould or muffin tin 

Bake for 20mins at 160

Hormone Health Video and New Online Course

Hormone Health is something  that I am very passionate about for both men and women.  This is something that effects most of us at some point in our lives and a subject that isn’t really addressed much. Having out of balance hormones can be a miserable thing leading to lack of energy, mood swings, depression, sleep issues, metabolism issues, fertility problems and more.
For a few simple tips on this have a look at a recent live video I did.

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I will be running a new online course starting this coming Thursday on this subject where I will take a deep look at ways we can overcome course hormonal issues with the use of food and herbs.

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hormone health e-course

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