Catering Services


If you would like an event catered for please do get in touch. For some ideas please see pricing below. These are just guidelines and a specific quote can be done tailored to your needs. All dishes are gluten, animal and refined sugar free.  We also cater for events providing the superfood snacks and drinks and can do demos with the catering.

Raw Catering

Basic- 1 smoothie and raw cake (1 slice each) £5 per head (minimum depending on distance

Option 1 – 1 smoothie each, finger foods (raw vegan sushi, 4 different types of canopies, crudités and 3 raw dips) a slice of raw cake £10 per head

Option 2 – all of the above plus 3 main raw dishes (raw pad thai, raw chilli, courgette noodles in pesto sauce, raw butternut squash and red cabbage salad) and also a raw chocolate £15 per head for a minimum of 50 people

If you would like extra main dishes this can be arrange at an extra £2 per head.

Meal Ideas

Lentil salad – puy lentils served with sundried tomatoes, coriander, olives and a cider vinegar and tamari sauce

Green salad – kale salad with goji berries and cacao nibs and avocado dressing

Fennel and Artichoke Salad- this lovely salad is rocket, fennel, artichokes, cherry tomatoes with a creamy mint dressing (no dairy made creamy with nuts)

Watercress and Artichoke Salad- this salad is a light and fresh salad with a citrus dressing

Vegan Coleslaw- this slant on a traditional recipe works brilliantly- made creamy with an avocado dressing

Sprouted quinoa rainbow salad- sprouted quinoa (raw) with raw butternut squash grated, grated beetroot, cucumber, grated carrots, coriander

Cooked Dishes
Dahl- red lentils cooked with cumin, tumeric and curry seasoning

Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato in Rosemary

Canapes and Dips

Raw sushi, beetroot and horseradish canapé, spiced apple canapé, vegan raw sushi, mini raw pizzas,
Hummus- homemade delicious hummus (lemon and coriander) or beetroot, Nut Pate- cashew nut and sundried tomato pate

Raw chocolate mousse
Raw chocolate brownies
Super fruity truffles
Decadently rich chocolate truffles
Super zingy chocolate slices


Raw Cakes made to order – all cakes are gluten, animal and refined sugar free and raw

Raw chocolate cake £35

Raw christmas cake £40

Raw triple layer, rolo cake £40

Raw Apple Pie £35

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