call Consultation Packages

Initial Assessment Consultation – £250

If you have booked a session please click this link to pay

Consists of an 1 1/2 hour session where we will look at your current health and using muscle testing will look for the root cause of your situation.

We will look at food intolerances, the health of the gut and any other issues that arise including an in depth write up of the session and tailor made cleanse plan based on your session with recipes.

4 Sessions of 90mins each £1000

Transformative Health Coaching for 12 weeks (over 6 sessions) – £1250

Do you really want to make changes to your health and wellbeing? Are you looking to transform you life?

If so then i can support you on this journey. We will have an initial assessment consultation to see what your needs are, as above then each week there after we will have review session where we will be able to look at what issue may be arising, and on each step take the cleanse to a deeper level. In this process i am there to support you nutritional, emotionally and energetically so that you can shift your blocks on all levels. This is a great way to make lasting changes and deal with longstanding health issues.

In Depth Training In Your Home- £650 including all the ingredients for the food total of 4 hours – 1 hour phone session first then a 3 hour in person food session (travel if further than 30mins from CO9)

In this we will have an hour phone or skype session to look at your health issues and will test on food allergies and any thing else that presents itself.

I will then come to your home and spend 3 hours showing you and your family how to make some of the key recipes in the plan for the greatest success at transforming your health


Eran Niv – Pharmacist.

Beside the patience to listen, Juliette has great insight and knowledge that brought the detox to another level. I received a professional email with full explanation of the detox process as well as a long list of recipes, so no excuses this time… The detox was easy and I felt supported and in charge, I am very grateful and feel fantastic, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Juliette

Ritika – Owner, The Space, Goa.

I run a health cafe and deli in South Goa. We offered 3 courses about nutrition in our centre run by Juliette. I attended all 3 of them and was really moved by the knowledge and love she put into her work. The food that Juliette makes is simple, healthy and delicious!!! That’s exactly what we need in our lives. Simple cooking. Juliette’s workshops are juicy and intelligent at the same time. You start to look at food in a different way, more like medicine for your body and soul. Thank you Juliette and I look forward to working with you to create a new menu for our restaurant.

Dan Lawson – Champion Elite Runner

As an elite runner its really important to explore as many variables as possible to give you an edge over your opponents. I had always struggled nutritionally both before and during my races. Juliette has helped me immensely with that. My daily smoothies packed with super foods have given me a boost in energy levels through out the day not just in training. I have also noticed a greater feeling of power during racing and training. A kind of subtle energy that surfaces on hard training sessions and races.

Victoria Griffiths-Jones – Psychologist

I have been to two workshops run by Juliette. I love them and always come away feeling so well informed about nutrition and health. Juliette makes me feel inspired to eat clean and provide healthy delicious meals for my family. I fully recommend any workshops she runs.

Kathryn Jones – Lecturer

Juliette really knows her stuff! I attended a fantastic workshop and learnt so much about raw nutrition AND got to taste the yummy food we made. Thanks Juliette!

Allira Cornell – Mother

This is an absolutely life changing consultation! Juliette is an amazingly intuitive practitioner with scientific knowledge of nutritional needs & years of experience in the healing arts. The consultation is in depth, identifying not only the right foods to benefit your body, but also down to time of day a particular food suits you for optimal nutrition. This can also help any intolerances that might come up be pinpointed precisely for you personally. As soon as I began the diet plan Juliette made for me, the weight just dropped off me!

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