Healing Classes

Sekhem is a beautiful ancient Egyptian healing energy which is combined with Reiki and Seichim when taught. Juliette has been teaching sekhem for 12 years now. If you feel drawn to learning this beautiful system please message Juliette for more information.

Courses run in Clare, Suffolk, throughout the year.


5 thoughts on “Healing Classes

  1. Debbie Seaman

    Hi Juliette,

    I am very interested in joining one of your Healing Courses, so please let me know when the next level 1 course begins.

    I am also keen on joining one of your retreats, so again, please let me know when the next retreat is.

    Thank you,


  2. Karen Pendred

    I’ve just paid £5 via email for divine detox .. How to I access it? I’m sure it must be straightforward but I can’t find it! X

  3. Sarasi Rogers

    Dear Juliette

    I was on the Glastonbury Retreat. I’ve received the Divine Deserts book but not How to Use Superfoods book. I’m the one who paid cash at the end – i gave you £25 and you didn’t have change. I’m the raw-foodie – hope you remember. Can’t find any way to email you but cd I also have an extra one of each book? I can send you a cheque if you send me an address.

    Much love


    • Hi glad you got the divine desserts- the superfoods book is on pre order as not released till the end of the month- will sent it to you then and yes happy to add on another one of each to that order. If you let me know your email I can send you the invoice for them. X

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