June 10-16th – Join me in Portugal for an amazing retreat run with myself and Sally Sampson



saladDivine Detox 

Join me for a week of guided detox where we will be looking at how to detox, why to detox and ways to make it easy and delicious. There will be daily yoga, meditation and support for you on your detox week.

The week will begin with an individual session with me to ascertain the type of detox you should be doing along with what foods best suite your needs. You will then have a tailor made detox just for you for the 7 days you are here.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included and accommodation

womens cirlce

Womanwise Retreat

On this retreat we will explore feminine health and wellbeing, and consciously reclaim the spiritual energy and power of the Sacred Wild Woman. We will journey through meditation, creative expression, herbal healing and superfood nutrition to find within us the perfect balance of wholeness and happiness. We will discover the cyclic nature of women and our sacred relationship with the Moon. This will be a chance to join with a circle of women in celebration of the Divine Feminine.

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