Nutritional Services


 Juliette offers a range of services from one on one consultations, workshops, talks, demos, interviews, radio shows, articles and jk tv

Workshops and Retreats

j demo

Conscious Nutrition Food Day – Food and nutrition are feasted together in this fun and informative session where we will demonstrate how to eat well, and feel good about food. We will be making and tasting many recipes to help you have more energy, look great and supercharge your health using ingredients that contain great nutritional value and have a healing effect on the body. Class includes lunch, refreshments, a food goody bag, and a handout with recipes that can be incorporated into everyday life

divine detox workshop

 Divine Detox! – Come to this fun and inspiring workshop where Juliette will  show you ways to feel great, get in shape and radiate. She will introduce you to the world of superfood nutrition focusing on detoxifying your body and lightening up with revitalizing raw foods, and nutrient-rich superfoods.


Raw Chocolate Workshop or  Chocodisiac!

Would you like to make your loved one their own chocolates filled with love and other magical ingredients to create the best night ever? Raw chocolate has long been known for its aphrodisiac qualities and on this evening we explore many ingredients that create an alchemical reaction of love with chocolate and try some raw chocolate mousse to eat to get your endorphins rushing! We will also look at some techniques that can be done alone or with a partner to deepen your connection to the divine in you and in your partner…… Go home with your heart shapes chocolates in a box made with your own fair hands and a lot of love, and a goody bag.

choc ingredients

Superfood for a Supercharged You. 

 Improve your health, fight ageing, feel slimmer, gain energy and boost your brain power by introducing you to Superfoods in time for Summer. Conducted by Juliette Bryant with her 12 years of insightful experience, healing expertise and qualifications in nutrition, you will enjoy a tasting session each week using lesser known ingredients while we demonstrate how to incorporate these exotic and nutrient-packed Superfoods into your diet

 Each Session is 4 hours long and includes refreshments and sampling what we make.

Session One we will look at Superfood Smoothies to help you increase brain power, loose weight and feel great.

Session Two – Foods to fuel you through your day

Session Three – Raw Chocolate (sugar and dairy free)

Session Four – Divine Desserts to Boost Energy, Libido and Happiness

womens cirlce

Womanwise Workshop/Retreat

Come and join us for a day to explore feminine health and wellbeing, and consciously reclaim the spiritual energy and power of the Sacred Wild Woman. We will journey through meditation, creative expression, herbal healing and superfood nutrition to find within us the perfect balance of wholeness and happiness. We will discover the cyclic nature of women and our sacred relationship with the Moon. This will be a chance to join with a circle of women in celebration of the Divine Feminine.

Chocolate Making – Parent and Child – A chocolate class that’s good for you? Come along and see for yourself and have some really special together time in this totally chocolatty hands-on class and have a lot of fun creating beautiful chocolates, truffles and chocolate mousse. Both inspiring and entertaining but not like any other sweet infested sugar-rush class, as you will be using dairy free, raw chocolate, with no processed sugar at all and a table full of magical ingredients from around the world!!!.Full of health benefits, ridiculously moreish and so good for you and them!

Sekhem, Reiki and Seichim Level One and Two Practitioners Healing Course – This two day healing retreat will take you through a journey of self healing to teaching you how to work with others. This is a certified course and is run by Juliette Bryant who has been teaching healing under the complementary medical association for the last 9 years. On this course we will look at breathing techniques and ways to deepen your connection to the divine while learning an ancient Egyptian system of healing.

Holistic Health- Week long retreat

In this week long retreat we will look at the whole body in a holistic approach, covering yoga, meditation, nutrition and sound.

This is a week of deep inner exploration, giving you tools to transform your life, health and wellbeing.

This is run by Yoga expert, and Sacred Sound Healer Giles Bryant and his wife, Nutritionist, Healer and Meditation Teacher Juliette Bryant.

Juliette’s latest artice –  Our recent article in SEN Leader illustrates this. The government are investing £1.2 billion backing the School Food Report to “improve health, happiness and attainment through better nutrition”.  This sounds like a slogan from our Wellbeing In Schools project – we hope and pray that good food will come to all

Juliette ran a Superfood stall at the Festival of Life event in London recently, which was a further affirmation of the wonderful work that she is doing.  People loved the smoothies and raw cakes and the feedback was the best ever.  It comes as a revelation to some that really healthy food can taste so good and that you can transform your health and your life through making delicious food that is right for you.

        Below is the latest video in her “Juliette’s Kitchen” series – filmed in stunning HD by Nick Woollard, you’ll find a full list of episodes on her website and

Juliette is available for Medicinal Food Consultations, either in person or by phone and skype.  Feedback from people who have had sessions has been incredible.  The general theme has been “life changing”.

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  1. Charlie Denville

    Hi Juliett,

    Are you running any workshops or retreats anytime over the next couple of months? If so, how do I book?



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