Superfoods And How To Use Them

Join nutritionalist and superfood chef Juliette Bryant on a global journey exploring the most powerful and healing foods on earth – superfoods.

From Apples to Zeolite Juliette explores how to make delicious food your medicine by sharing fascinating information about her favourite superfoods and how she uses them in daily life.

This practical book will empower you with knowledge about the many healing uses of   superfoods with over 100 plant-based recipes ranging from drinks, breakfasts, snacks, main courses, desserts, tonics and teas.

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Sample pages from the book:

In this book you will learn:

  • The healing properties of plants and how to use them
  • Over 100 plant based delicious recipes
  • Simple ways to empower your health

What Leading Healthcare Experts Say About Juliette

Danielle Brooks- New Earth University Health and Wellness

“Juliette combines a rare blend of nutritional knowledge, a heightened intuition and ability to support individual needs in a fresh, engaging and always inspiring way. What a joy she makes creating whole health with whole foods! ”

Robin Littman – Head of Resource-Me

“Juliette provided a wide-ranging variety of raw and cooked dishes for our retreat which was largely aimed at people that were ill. Furthermore we had a high proportion of cancer sufferers.
Despite this, Juliette managed to provide dishes that were both nutritious and delicious. She even dealt with unexpected food intolerances in a patient and accommodating way.
Above all, it was her ability to connect with our participants that transformed each meal into a time of high energy connection.”

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